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Features Overview

360° Rotation
A combination of four continuous 90° sweeps lets the pocket tripod™ hold the iPhone® at literally any angle.
Portrait and Landscape
There's no wrong way of using the pocket tripod. It can hold the iPhone facing in any direction, both in landscape and portrait.
The pocket tripod is as thin as two credit cards stacked on top. It fits in any wallet, so it'll always be there when you need it.

pocket tripod works great with these awesome iPhone accessories.

Dot 360° Mirror

Kogeto's Dot, is a truly ingenious solution to capture 360° panorama videos and images. It uses the same technology used by Google to capture "street view" images. With the help of your pocket tripod, set-up your iPhone and the Kogeto Dot exactly the way you need it to get that perfect "Dotspot".
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Lumu Light Meter

Lumu combines with your iPhone to become a high-end light meter, for truly professional film making and photography. Like the pocket tripod, Lumu hides away until you need it. Let the pocket tripod give you a hand with your Lumu light meter, when working alone.
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Olloclip Lenses

Olloclip connects to your iPhone in a snap, and lets you take amazing pictures. It can convert your iPhone into a fish-eye, wide-angle, macro, and even telephoto camera. Take truly professional pictures on the go by combining Olloclip lenses with the pocket tripod.
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Shuttr Remote

Shuttr is the world's slimmest remote to control your iPhone's camera from a distance. It even connects to a key-chain, so it's always there when you need it. Muku Lab's Shuttr and the pocket tripod really are perfect companions.
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Discover your iPhone's hidden talents by using these apps with the pocket tripod.

Flash Light

Use your Pocket Tripod to turn your iPhone into a directional light. Whether it's for shedding light on something you're working on that needs both of your hands, or if it's for projecting shadow puppets on a wall, the Pocket Tripod and a flashlight app will prove to be a very useful combination.

Other than the obvious flashlight feature, this  particular app also has a magnifying glass, which is perfect for working small things which require concentration, both hands, and a steady magnification. Another neat feature is that it let's you turn the flashlight on and off, remotely with a clap. This is a great feature for preserving your iPhone's battery life without touching it. 

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From the creators of Hipstamatic, IncrediBooth is a beautifully-made photo-booth app, which is the closest thing to actually taking pictures in a classic photo-booth. With plenty of analog looking camera effects, and pictures that come out as strips, you'll be having a great time making silly faces with your friends.

Let's face it, nobody wants to be the one reaching their arm out to take a group picture.  Use Incredibooth along with your Pocket Tripod, so that everyone can be in your Photo Booth, and get keep the background steady for the most authentic looking photo-booth pictures.

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Jamie's Recipes

Want to cook the best wild-mushroom risotto for the first time? There are plenty of iPhone cooking apps, but Jamie Oliver's is by far one of the best. With easy to follow video tutorials, you'll be chowing down on your scrumptious creation in no time. 

The best part is that you won't have to worry about leaving your iPhone on a wet countertop, where an inevitable spill can results in an unfortunate water damage to your iPhone. Because the Pocket Tripod always holds the iPhone at least half an inch above the surface it's placed on, you can watch recipe videos to cook with your iPhone, despite that puddle of broth on the countertop. 

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Manything is one of the best surveillance apps that you can get for your iPhone. It records video, audio, and movement information, and uploads it securely to an online server, without taking any space on your device. The Pocket Tripod is a must-have iPhone accessory to be used with this app, to turn your iPhone into a surveillance camera. With precise angle adjustment, set up your spy camera to record suspicious activities, keep an eye on the house, or simply set up a hidden camera as you surprise a friend for their birthday.

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Netflix has some of the best TV series, documentaries and movies, available to watch anywhere for a flat monthly fee. 

Imagine being able to watch the season finale of Breaking Bad, while stuck in a bumper to bumper traffic jam (sitting in the passenger seat, of course). Thanks to your Pocket Tripod, you don't need to hold your iPhone upright for a full hour. Instead, prop it up with the Pocket Tripod, and immerse into the story. 

Or enjoy a nice dinner out with the family without being distracted by the little ones, as they watch their favourite cartoons, while your iPhone stays protected from accidental spills.

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OSnap! Timelapse

The Pocket Tripod is an essential iPhone accessory for shooting time-lapse and stop motion footage. It offers precise and smooth angle adjustment, comparable to what you would expect from a full-size photography tripod. The app we recommend for shooting time-lapse and stop-motion footage with your iPhone is called OSnap! Time-Lapse & Stop Motion.  Even though it has a very simple to use interface, it offers pro-level settings control, such as white balance and exposure lock, interval and resolution settings.

Also, as icing on top, it even has some neat features like dimming the screen to preserve battery, reminders, onion skin, and even triggering the shutter remotely using sound. 

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There are lots of camera apps for the iPhone. Obviously, the Pocket Tripod will is an essential iPhone accessory to use with any of these camera apps. This camera app however is definitely one of the best ones in the app store. Recommended by the National Geographic, ProCam is worthy of its name. It allows you to set the exposure and the focus separately, simply by tapping on the objects. It also provides a control over the lighting, jpeg compression, calibration, video frame-rate, quality and more. It has by far the most natural white-balance detection, and added benefits like Self-Timer, RapidFire (Burst) mode and battery preservation mode, and even an QR code scanner, among many others.

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Slow Shutter Cam

Ever wanted to capture long exposure images with your iPhone? In DSLR cameras, this is achieved by leaving the shutter open for an extended period of time. In iPhone photography, your best bet is using the Slow Shutter Cam app. This app gives some of the best results when you want to shoot those awesome light trail images at night with the help of your friends and LED lights or glow sticks. Or even shooting in low light conditions. Of course this won't be possible without keeping your iPhone perfectly steady, which of course happens to be exactly what the Pocket Tripod is for. Not only does the Pocket Tripod hold your iPhone perfectly still as you create beautiful light trail images, it helps you get the perfect shot by pointing your iPhone to exactly where you want it to, available at a moment's notice.

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The funds required to manufacture the pocket tripod were raised with the help of 2,565 backers on Kickstarter. Thanks to their overwhelming support, the manufacturing of the pocket tripod is well under way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Pocket Tripod work with the iPad or iPad mini?

We're working on a new scaled-up version of the Pocket Tripod that can hold the iPads.
The current model is too small to hold the weight of the iPad or the iPad mini.
This small size is constrained by the Pocket Tripod's size in its card form. But since iPad users, unlike iPhone users, don't carry their devices in their pockets, we're planning on making a Pocket Tripod that will attach to the back of the iPad instead of fitting in a wallet for the iPad.

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Is there a Pocket Tripod for Android phones like Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry Z10, etc.?

Short answer: We're working on it.
Visit the pre-order section, and let us know that you want to be notified when new models are available by subscribing to our notification list.

What if I upgrade my iPhone to the latest model by the time the Pocket Tripod is manufactured?

Just let us know before we ship your Pocket Tripod to you and we'll be happy to swap the iPhone compatible model.
Kickstarter Backers get a one year upgrade warranty. If you upgrade your iPhone within one year of receiving your Pocket Tripod, we'll send you an upgrade kit for free, which you can use to swap with your existing compatibility module.

What is the Pocket Tripod App?

The Pocket Tripod app is the closest thing to having an actual Pocket Tripod in your hands. It has an interactive 3D model of the Pocket Tripod that simulates the user experience. It also lets you suggest colours to us for our future productions.

Will the Pocket Tripod work with a case or a screen protector.

Not the current model, but we're working on compatibility modules for users with slim cases and screen protectors. These compatibility modules are easily swapped with the existing component that holds the iPhone.

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