The Best iPhone Stand Is The One That’s With You

The Pocket Tripod is an adjustable card-size iPhone stand.

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360º Adjustment

A combination of four continuous 90° sweeps lets the Pocket Tripod hold the iPhone at literally any angle.

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Portrait and Landscape

There’s no wrong way of using the Pocket Tripod. It can hold the iPhone facing in any direction, both in landscape and portrait.

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The Pocket Tripod is as thin as two credit cards stacked on top. It fits in any wallet, so it’ll always be there when you need it.

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It’s hidden away in your wallet until you need it

The Pocket Tripod is a must have gadget for your iPhone. At only 11.3 grams (0.4 oz), and 2.3mm thick, it hides in any wallet until it’s needed. Its precise angle adjustment is matched only by full-size photography tripods, and is perfect for setting up your iPhone to point to exactly what you need it to. Whether you want to capture a breathtaking time lapse, or simply want to be included in a group photo. Because it adjusts to any angle, you can use any flat surface of any odd height, and still take that Skype or FaceTime call, hands free. The Pocket Tripod also lifts your iPhone off the surface you place it on, keeping it safe from accidental spills; and it’s the only stand of this size that doesn’t obstruct your screen while doing that, making it perfect for watching movies on the go.

Built to Last

The Pocket Tripod is made of high-tech plastics, engineered to be robust and durable. It’s been designed for maximum functionality of its remarkably thin and compact profile. Each unit is individually tested for quality and functionality and is backed with a lifetime warranty against wear and defects.

An iPhone Tripod with only two “legs”

The Pocket Tripod derives its name from its functionality. The Pocket Tripod’s circular rails provide the same tilt angle adjustment as a photography tripod’s head. The Pocket Tripod’s unique design is what allows it to pack the functionalities of a full-size photography tripod, its head, and an iPhone tripod mount or adapter into a space as compact as two credit cards. Find out more about the design of the Pocket Tripod.

“I’m still blown away that the angle is adjustable like that. I like things this small and compact, as I travel constantly.
This ‘tripod’ will be useful to me and I will definitely add it to my backpack.”

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- Steve Wozniak

Co-Founder of Apple

“It’s an impeccably-machined plastic contraption the size of a business card that cleverly tilts, swivels, and pivots to turn into a sturdy, secure cradle for your iPhone.”

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- Serenity Caldwell

Associate Editor, Macworld


“very practical. When I travel it will hold my phone for viewing…and it takes almost no space at all. And I love showing it off. Thanks.”

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- William Hall



Funded with KicksStarter

The Crowd Loves It

The funds required to manufacture the pocket tripod were raised with the help of 2,565 backers on Kickstarter. Thanks to their overwhelming support, we were able to raise almost twice our funding goal and start production of the Pocket Tripod.

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Try it First

The free Pocket Tripod app has an interactive 3D model of the pocket tripod. It gives you a unique way to interact with the pocket tripod, that is as close as it gets to having the real thing in your hands.

The app even lets you experiment with different colors for the pocket tripod, which you can suggest to us for our future productions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Pocket Tripod work with the iPad?
Not the current model. But we’re working on a new scaled-up version of the Pocket Tripod that can hold the iPads.
The current model is too small to hold the weight of the iPad or the iPad mini. This small size is constrained by the Pocket Tripod’s size in its card form. But since iPad users, unlike iPhone users, don’t carry their devices in their pockets, we’re planning on making a Pocket Tripod that will attach to the back of the iPad instead of fitting in a wallet for the iPad.
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Does it work with a case or a screen protector?
Not the current model, but we’re working on compatibility modules for users with slim cases and screen protectors. These compatibility modules are easily swapped with the existing component that holds the iPhone.

What if any of the parts break or wear out?
The Pocket Tripod is backed with a lifetime limited warranty against manufacturer’s defects. If any of the parts break or wear out under normal use, we can replace the parts or the whole unit. 
What if I upgrade my phone or buy a case?
The part that holds your device is interchangeable. We are planning to manufacture various sizes ranging between 5.5mm and 12.5mm. These are inexpensive parts that can be ordered and swapped with the existing parts.

How do I know what size Adapters I need?
Using a Fit Card, you will be able to measure the size of your device. the openings on the Fit Card have the same shape as the adapters we plan to make. If it fits well in the Fit Card, your device will work just as well with the equivalent size Adapter.

Can a non-Apple device work with it?
Yes, of course. As long as your device has a thickness equal to the opening size of any of our available Pocket tripods, the brand doesn’t matter.